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Oljespill – VaporRemed 5 Gal

6 950 kr exkl moms

VaporRemed almost instantly and permanently eliminates fumes from heating oil and fuel oil spills, thereby improving the indoor air quality and allowing residents and pets to quickly recover from the harmful effects of those fumes. VaporRemed is a bioremediation agent that eliminates the fumes by treating the source – namely the spilled oil. It is not a deodorizer, fume suppressant or air freshener. VaporRemed is available in liquid form and can be sprayed directly on any surface. It has been effectively used to rid the clothes of strong odor of heating oil particularly those working in oil company or maintenance shops. Many homeowners and heating oil companies find VaporRemed to be an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself solution for eliminating heating oil fumes. In fact some of the oil companies carry VaporRemed as a part of their toolbox kit.

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