Barrier Boom

C.I.Agent Barrier Boom is an excellent cost-effective and maintenance-free solution for bunding of power transformers, oil storage tanks and is hence ideal for all environments where oil shall be contained.
The big advantage is that the booms allow water to flow through but simultaneously capture all hydrocarbons which consequently renders the pit/bund maintenance-free. This solution eliminates the risk of having a pool full of contaminated water in the bund/pit which is usually associated with large annual costs as they need to be emptied once a spill has occurred.

The only time you need to rework the bund is if you need to do any expansion at the facility, or any other form of maintenance or of course if a total failure occurs. Another advantage of using C.I.Agent barrier booms is that they can be temporarily removed and then reinstalled after e.g. an expansion.
C.I.Agent barrier boom is a “bury and forget” application. The non-woven synthetic fiber material and the outer protective coating together provide an estimated shelf life of up to 200 years. The polymers found inside the booms are a plastic and have therefore no expiration date.