Our Products

At Enzymex we work with the world’s best and most sought-after suppliers of products that with high precision and efficiency counteract the problem of hydrocarbons which for various reasons risk being emitted, or in the worst case have already been released into the environment.

C.I.Agent’s technology solutions are being used to high acclaim worldwide and 20 years of experience and knowledge creates security for all our customers. C.I.Agent is currently the only solidifier that works directly on the entire spectrum of hydrocarbons ranging from low-octane gasoline to heavy crude oil. By using C.I.Agent’s technology solutions our environment can be protected from future oil and hydrocarbon emissions. Moreover, they also significantly reduce your company’s costs. The savings are there already upon installation and are then followed by the drastic reduction in maintenance costs!

With our Sarva BioRemed bioremediation products we are able to sanitize contaminated soil and water as well as industrial and residential facilities, oil pits, marshalling yards etc in an environmentally-friendly way. These products manage oil spill and even odor of contaminated environments both in residential areas as well as in industrial sites in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. We have successfully performed a variety of sanitations, including in collaboration with several insurance companies in Sweden.

Bespoke solutions

Although the function of our products usually is similar independent of the environment they are applied to, there are often many differences in the physical nature of the actual site. We always visit the sites to form an opinion about what needs to be solved, exactly where and how. Afterwards we proceed by developing and designing the ultimate solution for your specific needs.



Barrier Boom

C.I.Agent X-carpet

Marine boom

Flow Filter