Oil and Gas Industry

During the past decade, the products we offer for the oil and gas industry have been installed and certified more than 10,000 times worldwide. An increasing number of clients have come to discover the benefits of our containment solutions that let the water flow through but which become an impenetrable barrier in the event of an oil spill. Installation is far much cheaper than traditional concrete bunds and also means a maintenance-free period of 50 years. Looking at the costs, we save our customers between 30 and 65% compared to existing techniques.


Examples of applications for storage bunds, temporary storage, as protection against oil spills, for manholes, as replacement to oil/water separators, in protection of storm water drains, in drip pans, for decontamination of oil and toxic oil spills in environments where the European environmental regulatory requirements must be met.


Barrier Booms – proven secondary containment solution that ensures non-detectable levels of hydrocarbons.
Agent X-carpet – a fast-mounted mobile solution for temporary storage stands.
Flow Filters – non-woven geo-textile that completely removes hydrocarbons from water.