Energy Industry

Several major power companies in Europe have already tried out and approved our innovative technology for oil spill containment at e.g. transformer installations, electric substations, etc. According to our customers, the new technologies we offer have resulted in significant financial savings (between 30 and 60%) and resulted in improved environmental benefits compared to traditional concrete bunds and associated oil removal solutions. Our solution is maintenance-free for at least 50 years!

We can easily transform olderand existing oilpits/bunds to become maintenance-free using ourtechnique.Ask us for pricing/quotation.

Examples of applications

Bunding for transformer power stations, creosote bunds, temporary storage, mobile solutions, pole transformers, draining of oil pits/concrete bunds, replacing oil/water separators, protection of storm water drains, decontamination of oil spills.


Barrier Booms – proven secondary containment solution that ensures a non-detectable levels of hydrocarbons
HFF filter – captures hydrocarbons including most volatile organic compounds (VOC).
Agent X-carpet – a fast-mounted mobile solution for temporary storage sites.