We offer solutions to both national authorities and government agencies as well as regional and local government authorities that have an obligation to maintain and protect environments where there is risk of an oil spill, or that have a general responsibility to protect vulnerable environments. The reason could also simply be the willingness to be at the forefront in the preventive environmental work.


Examples of areas where our solutions are ideal include e.g. protection of various water sources, refineries, storage areas for construction equipment, spill and drop protection, remediation of oil spills, construction works, gas stations, storm water runoff, etc.

The products that we usually use are patented and are currently used worldwide in various ways to protect the environment from unwanted hydrocarbon pollutions.


C.I. Agent Barrier Booms provide maintenance-free containment of oil spills and is therefore ideal for replacing the more cumbersome concrete solutions.
C.I. Agent Flow Filter removes hydrocarbons from water to a non-detectable level.
Agent-X carpet is a new generation of smart textiles which provides a mobile solution for temporary jobs.
Granules are harmless polymers which encapsulate and neutralize organic hydrocarbons.