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Takprojekt 3

Av Enzymex | 2018-02-21


In hot, sunny climates there is the constant pounding of UV rays couple with extremes of temperatures which not only evaporate any volatile contents such as those in tars weakening and cracking them, but also the e ects of mechanical stress as the coatings and sheeting stretch and shrink, albeit by relatively small amounts. This leads to delamination, detachment from the base surfaces and allowing moisture or rainfall to enter.


With the failure of conventional, protective roo ng solutions, the building’s operators chose Castagra’s

EcoCoat for its unique properties of no VOC or solvent use, extreme longevity, retained exibility, and ability to re-bond with itself for the life of the EcoCoat coating, providing proper surface preparation is done. Heavy attention was paid to seams and cracks as seen in the photos.

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