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Takprojekt 2

Av Enzymex | 2018-02-21


The roofing material was failing rapidly. It could be stripped o entirely and re-roofed again with asphalt but the large area involved would make that very expensive and time consuming. What was needed was
a high-performance, cost e ective coating that could be applied as a permanent overcoat and provide an absolute bond with the old asphalt. Furthermore, it would need to be highly durable against wide temperature uctuations and have very high UV resistance.


EcoCoat 201 has proven its extreme durability for over 20 years and par- ticularly where asphalt is concerned. A two-decade old test strip across
a public highway has not only demonstrated its long term impact and weathering resistance but, most importantly, the exceptional integrity
of its bonding to asphalt.

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