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Takprojekt 1

Av Enzymex | 2018-02-21


The subject of this case study is a high school with an 18,000 square foot 16-year-old cementitious roof over 5-inch foam that was failing with exten- sive micro-cracking from UV attack and had required various patch repairs. In common with cementitious roofs, it has produced the tough layer of oxidation that made recoating with conventional coatings a poor prospect for a long term performance outcome.


Castagra’s EcoCoat has the ability to stick to exceptionally slick surfaces such as Te on coated ones, and, in the case some others, it can actually bond or partially bond chemically because of EcoCoat’s unique chemistry. Cemen- titious surfaces had earlier been demonstrated as a particularly good candidate for EcoCoat where no other coating had performed with long term protection or long term adhesion.

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